Pop-Up Drop-Off Waste Disposal Events

Pop-Up Drop-Offs are free recycling and large item disposal events for residents of Jefferson County.

Next event:

Saturday, November 20, 2021

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

UofL Shelby Campus, 440 N Whittington Parkway

Accepted Items:

  • Up to 3 electronic items (recycled)

  • Metal & appliances, no refrigerators or any items containing coolant (recycled)

  • Up to 4 passenger tires (recycled)

  • Household recyclables, follow curbside rules (recycled)

  • Yard waste, follow curbside rules, wooden pallets (composted)

  • Large household items (landfilled)

  • Documents for shredding (recycled)

  • Prescription medication (disposed properly)

Items must already be separated into categories for easy off-loading so as much can be recycled as possible.

Not Accepted:

  • Garbage, loose debris (use curbside garbage collection or take to landfill)

  • Concrete, bricks, rocks

  • Construction materials (take to Waste Reduction Center, fees apply)

  • Refrigerators or items containing coolant (take to Waste Reduction Center, or metal recycling facility)

  • Latex paint (disposal information)

  • Batteries, light bulbs, oil-based paint, varnishes, stains, and other household hazardous waste (take to Haz Bin)

  • Tree trunks

  • Boats, hot tubs

  • Items from businesses

  • Trailers greater than 10 feet in length (larger loads can be taken to the Waste Reduction Center)

DEA Take Back Day: Oct. 23!

The National DEA Drug Take-Back Day is October 23. Local collection sites will collect your expired or unused medications.

Don't throw medications in the landfill or flush them down the toilet! Collection sites are close to Westwood.

Annual Ad Valorem Taxes Due

The Annual Westwood Ad Valorem tax bills have been processed by the Westwood Board. If your taxes are paid via an escrow account, your bill were sent to your escrow company. Bills for non-escrow accounts were mailed directly to the property address on file with Jefferson County PVA. They should arrive by the second week of August.

Early pay discount will apply to payments postmarked by October 21, 2021. Face value payments are due by December 20, 2021. Payments made after December 20 will be subject to late fees and interest.

If you need a duplicate copy of your tax bill, please email the City Clerk.

If you need to update your name or address on your tax bill, please visit the Jefferson County PVA website.


City of Westwood – 11/11/21

Junk pickup day is day to set out multiple large items. Normal junk pickup consist of hot water heaters, washers, dryers, dishwashers, couches, chairs, coffee and end tables, miscellaneous toys, garage items, tools, grills, bicycles, lawn mowers, refrigerators, etc. The following is a general guideline for acceptable and non-acceptable items, as well as acceptable with exceptions.


- Mattresses, box springs, and fabric upholstered furniture must be wrapped in plastic.

- Lawnmowers must have gas tanks removed and broken down as much as possible.

- Gas grills without any tank/propane and broken down as much as possible.

- Swing sets and basketball goals must be broken down. No pieces longer than 4ft and no concrete on legs or base.

- Mailboxes cannot be more than 4ft and no concrete on base.

- Freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., must have the Freon/refrigerant captured and removed by a certified HVAC technician who will then tag the unit for acceptable pickup.

- Carpet must be cut into 4ft length, rolled, and tied for handling.


- No construction/demolition debris. This includes, but not limited to; studs, drywall, sinks, tubs, toilets, cabinets, etc.

- No fencing or wooden structures such as swing sets, sheds, decks, etc.

- No liquids of any kind such as paint, thinners, pesticides/insecticides, household cleaners, motor oils, fuels, etc. Water-based paint is acceptable but needs to be solidified with kitty litter or other granular absorbent material.

- No medical bio-hazards; sharps, chemo diapers, oxygen tanks, etc.

- No electronics

- No large vehicle parts, body or interior

- No tires of any kind

- No landscaping material such as; logs, railroad ties, landscape timbers, concrete blocks, dirt, or sod.

- No yard waste material; logs, stumps, shrubs, etc.

If you have any questions regarding material not list or are unclear, call first to 502-638-9000


Recycling Calendar

The City of Westwood recycles on the odd/highlighted weeks. Please note holiday schedule. Services are shifted one day during holiday weeks.

2021 Recycling Calendar - Final.pdf

The City published an updated directory.

Residents can request a digital copy through the website.

Westwood's Reach Alert

Emergency Notification System

The City uses Reach Alert to send emergency messages or pertinent information about Westwood business that residents need to know.

The registry is FREE for all residents and can handle any amount of contact data from each household in the form of e-mail, telephone messages and/or cell phone text messages.

The system will maintain your privacy and you will only receive messages from the City Commissioners in times of public need.

You can register on-line with a simple 3-5 minute process by going to: and using the "Create an Account" box.


If you do not have a computer and wish to register, Simply Call the toll free number at Reach Alert. They will register you in seconds. If you do not use text messages, no problem, they will make sure you receive a voice call. Note: Caller ID will show the caller as Nancy Lambert.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the customer service people at Reach Alert. Their contact information is listed below:

Ken Weber, COO – Reach Alert; (877) 307-9313; (502) 235-9697 (cell)

Please contact your City Commissioner if you have any questions or need assistance!


Solicitation in Westwood

Under Louisville Metro Ordinance No. 57-2009, Am. Ord. 210-2011, any person who conducts house-to-house selling or taking orders for goods or services, must have a Louisville Metro Peddler License. Any person, firm, or corporation desiring to secure a license as a peddler or vendor shall make written application, under oath, on a form provided by the Department of Codes and Regulations. No license is required for any member(s) of a religious, charitable, health, welfare, educational, political or youth service organization selling goods or services to raise funds for their organization.

Vendors in Westwood must also obtain a Westwood Solicitation Permit. Once issued, a Westwood permit is good for one year.

The Permit Application is attached to this post and must be approved and signed by the Mayor. If a Vendor comes to your residence and does not have both permits, they cannot conduct business in the City.

solicitation permit updated 2019.docx