Register Today: Reach Alert!

The City uses Reach Alert to send emergency messages or pertinent information about Westwood events and business that residents need to know.

The registry is FREE for all residents and can handle any amount of contact data from each household in the form of e-mail, telephone calls, and/or text messages.

The system will maintain your privacy and you will only receive messages from the City Commissioners.

You can register on-line at and clicking: Sign Up


Veteran Get-Togethers: Join Us!

Are you a military Veteran living in Westwood? Other Veterans are interested in creating monthly get-togethers. Contact Dennis Candler (502) 612-4792 or Robert Adamczyk (502) 381-8286.

City-wide Yard Sale:

September 17, 2022

Bulk/Large Item Pick-up Guidelines

The City arranges Bulk/Large Item pick-up twice a year. The next scheduled day is November 10. Residents can also arrange for pick-up of large items directly from Republic Services. Please follow the guidelines below to properly prepare your items for pick-up.

Junk Day General Guidelines.doc.docx

Updated Code of Ordinances and 2022 - 2023 Ad Valorem Tax and Budget Ordinances available online

The City of Westwood Code of Ordinances has been updated to include all ordinances adopted since the last codification in 2017. A copy of the new Code of Ordinances is available on the Ordinances page.

The 2022-2023 Ordinances for Ad Valorem Taxes and Budget have been mailed. Copies of these annual ordinances are available for viewing on the Ordinances page.


Recycling Calendar

The City of Westwood recycles on the odd/highlighted weeks. Please note holiday schedule. Services are shifted one day during holiday weeks.

2022 Recycling Calendar.pdf

The City published an updated directory.

Residents can request a digital copy through the website.

Solicitation in Westwood

Under Louisville Metro Ordinance No. 57-2009, Am. Ord. 210-2011, any person who conducts house-to-house selling or taking orders for goods or services, must have a Louisville Metro Peddler License. Any person, firm, or corporation desiring to secure a license as a peddler or vendor shall make written application, under oath, on a form provided by the Department of Codes and Regulations. No license is required for any member(s) of a religious, charitable, health, welfare, educational, political or youth service organization selling goods or services to raise funds for their organization.

Vendors in Westwood must also obtain a Westwood Solicitation Permit. Once issued, a Westwood permit is good for one year.

The Permit Application is on the Forms page and must be approved and signed by the Mayor. If a Vendor comes to your residence and does not have both permits, they cannot conduct business in the City.