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Westwood's Reach Alert Emergency Notification System To Start November 1st

posted Oct 25, 2014, 2:30 PM by Westwood City Clerk
On November 1st, the City will implement a new alert system that all residents can take advantage of to receive emergency messages or pertinent information about Westwood business that you need to know.  

The registry is FREE for all residents and can handle any amount of contact data from each household in the form of e-mail, telephone messages and/or cell phone text messages.  

Each person or family can choose to sign up for the service and include as many or as few contact options as you wish.  The system will maintain your privacy and you will only receive messages from the City Commissioners in times of public need.  

Some examples of messages you might receive would be to alert you of a City road closure or detour, downed power lines or water breaks, weather-related changes to City events or monthly reminders for Commissioner meetings.  This system is an excellent way to make sure that you stay informed of major developments which may effect you.

You can register on-line with a simple 3-5 minute process by going to: and using the "Create an Account" box.


If you do not have a computer and wish to register, Simply Call the toll free number at Reach Alert.  They will register you in seconds.  If you do not use text messages, no problem, they will make sure you receive a voice call.  (Note:  Caller ID will show the caller as Nancy Lambert, since she is the Public Information and Safety Commissioner)


PLEASE REGISTER TODAY.  This will be our primary means of sharing emergency and time sensitive information.  If you don’t register, you may miss critical announcements!  You may register as many email addresses and phone numbers as you wish per household (we recommend only cell phones of residents and their immediate family, and home phones—no business phones, please). 

Your private information will only be visible to REACH Alert and will not be sold or available to telemarketers, fundraisers, etc. or even the City of Westwood (commissioners will see only your registered name).

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the customer service people at Reach Alert.  Their contact information is listed below:


Ken Weber, COO – Reach Alert;  (877) 307-9313;  (502) 235-9697 (cell)

PS  Encourage your neighbors to sign up for this free, valuable service offered by the City of Westwood, in case they missed the information. 

 Please contact your City Commissioner if you have any questions or need assistance!