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MetroCall 311: Request a Service/File a complaint

posted Oct 1, 2016, 6:59 AM by Westwood City Clerk   [ updated Oct 1, 2016, 7:57 AM ]

For more than 25 years, MetroCall 311 has been the city's customer service Center.  Feel free to request services, offer suggestions, ask questions, share opinions, register complaints, and pass on compliments.
MetroCall is YOUR connection to YOUR government!

You can even file a compliment/complaint ANONYMOUSLY!

The type of requests available may include the following services:
· Animals, Insects  (rodents, animal cruelty, strays)
· Building & Construction (zoning concerns, no permits/violations)
· Business Concerns (license questions, restaurant complaint, smoking ban violations)
· Drainage & Flooding (blocked drains, clogged drains and basins)
· Garbage & Recycling (missed pick-ups, illegal dumping, damaged/stolen bins)
· Other Metro Issues  (taxi cab complaint, air pollution non-emergency, compliment, feedback)
· Other MSD Issues  (billing issue, ground cave-in/sinking, MSD construction issue, MSD information request, mowing MSD facilities, sewer odor, personal property damage)
· Parks & Trails (park maintenance, park mowing)
· Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement (trash on property, high weeds/grass, graffiti)
· Sewer Related Issues (backup, discharge, manhole cover issue, sanitary sewer issue)
· Street & Sidewalk (abandoned vehicle, illegal signs, potholes, street repair, street light out, street obstruction, illegally parked vehicles, traffice signal issues, sidewalk/curb repair)

How to Contact MetroCall 311:

Phone: (502) 574-5000

On line:

MetroCall 311 mobile app available in your phone's App Store