Residents Asked to Sign a Petition Against Rezoning of 9910 Westport Road

posted Dec 16, 2012, 12:23 PM by Westwood City Clerk   [ updated Nov 24, 2013, 11:36 AM by Web Admin ]

The City of Hickory Hill is asking local cities for their support to organize a cohesive response to fight the attempted R-6 re-zoning at 9910 Westport Rd. by Hagan Properties to build a 390 unit rental apartment complex.

In 2006, Hagan Properties sought to re-zone the 24.8 acres near Hurstbourne Lane and contiguous to E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park to build a 400+ unit apartment complex.

The final compromise in 2009, allowed the land to be zoned R-5A to build 296 residential condominiums.

Hagan Properties has filed a pre-application plan and is once again attempting to re-zone the land to R-6 in order to build a 390 unit rental apartment complex.

The Mayor and Commissioners of Hickory hill fought the development in 2006 and is asking other cities to join their effort.

Hickory Hill feels the previous arguments made against the large-scaled development are still valid and are in strong opposition to the Hagan Properties’ development plan. Some of these arguments include the following negative impacts:

Increased Traffic/Transportation issues

Emissions into the Air

Rain/Water Run-off

Waste generation

Resource Consumption

Increased impact on Police/Emergency Services

Hickory Hill is asking other cities on Westport Road to join them to organize a cohesive "single voice" and legal approach to fight this zoning change and potential development.

The Mayor and Westwood Commissioners support Hickory hill in this effort. Commissioner Mike Budniak will be leading the petition signing effort.

If you are interested in voicing your opinion that "there be no change in the present R-5A zoning for condominiums and that the Public Hearing concerning Case: 18264 be at 6p.m. Or Later in a Convenient Location", you can contact Commissioner Budniak directly at 502-394-0157 to sign a petition; or, please print a copy of the attached petition to sign and/or circulate for signature.

Petitions can be signed by any concerned citizen over the age of 18, not just Westwood residents. Signed petitions should be returned to Commissioner Budniak for delivery to Hickory hill.

Hickory Hill is also accepting donations to help pay for the legal representation and to perform a complete traffic analysis to properly assess the impact on Westport Road and the surrounding area as the proposed zoning change would generate over 100 new inbound/outbound trips during peak hours. If you are interested in financially supporting this effort, please contact Commissioner Budniak.

Hickory Hill and Westwood will continue to inform residents of developments through newsletters and our website.

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